Space Science – apps for shrinking the Solar System

If I’m going to select a favourite teaching area, it would have to be Space Science.  I don’t profess to be an expert – not by a long shot, but I love the endless possibilities of space as a subject area.  However, creating learning experiences for this topic is not without its challenges.

Two apps that might aide understanding are:

Sky Guide by Star Labs – I love this app, and have the iPhone version.  You open the app, then point your phone towards the sky and it will identify constellations, planets, even satellites.  Obviously this works best at night – wouldn’t it be a cool activity with which to engage students while on school camp?

Solar Walk by Vito Technology – provides a 3D tour of the Solar System.  You can zoom in on a planet, where the app will explain the planet’s properties, size, distance from the sun or Earth.  Because it is 3D, there is the bonus that you can kind of sense the scale and distances of the Solar System, which hooks nicely into ACARA’s Year 5 Space Science elaboration (ACSSU078).  I will be exploring this app a little more for my web-based artefact in assignment 1.



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